Interstate Removalists Coffs Harbour

At Lite Moves Furniture Removals Coffs Harbour, we can carry out interstate moves quickly and efficiently.


Whether you are moving to Coffs Habour or from Coffs Harbour, our team of professional movers can talk you through our removals process and help you at every stage of your move to ensure the big day goes smoothly.


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Stress-Free Interstate Removals


At Lite Moves Furniture Removals, we offer a comprehensive interstate moving service in Coffs Harbour that’s designed to make your move simple. Moving is difficult enough without the added stress of organising removals, packing, and more.


That’s why we offer a service that can help you to manage your move from start to finish.


We can pack your possessions, move you between states, and even store your possessions and furniture in safe and secure storage lockers near your new home so that you can get on with the tasks that matter.

Affordable moving services


At Lite Moves Furniture Removals, we understand the importance of reliability and efficiency, particularly in interstate moves, where many miles may need to be traveled in a single day. That’s why we pride ourselves on our reliable service.


We show up on time and pack your possessions efficiently and quickly to stay on schedule and set off for the move in good time. With us, you can be sure that your interstate move goes smoothly.

Large and delicate items moved across states


No matter how complicated your interstate move is, we can handle it. We boast a fleet of trucks of all sizes and our skilled and professional movers have experience moving large and delicate items, including antiques, pianos, and heavy furniture.


Not only can we move your large items quickly and efficiently, but we can also wrap them for protection and ensure that they are transported safely with no risk of damage occurring during the move.

Professional Movers


Interstate moves can be time-consuming, but our team of professional movers are happy to go the extra mile to get your move completed quickly.


We regularly carry out moves which take two days or longer, especially when long distances are involved.


If you’re looking for a team of experienced movers who aren’t afraid to take on the most complicated house moves, get in touch with us at Lite Moves Furniture Removals.

The comfort of experience


We know how difficult it can be to trust your belongings to any kind of service, but we have been moving items across the entire country since 1994, and we don’t ever intend to stop doing the best job we can.


You are not just handing your prized possessions over to anyone and hoping they will be okay once they reach your desired location – with us, you can guarantee that the job will be done to the best standard.

You don’t have to just take our word for it – you can instead listen to the people of New South Wales who have graciously awarded us the Home Improvement Services award for Coffs Harbour removalists two years in a row.


At Lite Moves Removals, we bring quality and experience to every job we accept – you can relax knowing it is all in good hands.

We can pack your belongings


If you are unable to pack everything before your interstate move, then do not worry – we can help with this. It might even be that you just need more time to focus on other parts of the move, so it might help to leave the packing to someone else.

The alternative could leave you rushing to get it all together in time, which could lead to damage; we can take our time while you sort out other aspects of your interstate journey. From fine china to furniture and books, we can make sure it is packed and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: It’s surprisingly common for people to realise they don’t have as much space in their new abode, but if this happens to you then we can arrange temporary storage for your items. This should give you the time to move stuff around and reduce any clutter – it can be a shock to see just how much stuff you have!

A: It is always recommended that you book as far in advance as possible – we will do our best to fit you in no matter what, but there is always a chance that we might be all booked. This is especially important for a job as big as an interstate removal, which could take up a full day or two depending on the distance. We will ensure that your belongings get from Point A to Point B, but book as soon as you can regardless.

A: Our rates for all moves include transit insurance in case of an accident on the road, as well as fire, flood, and overturn insurance. No matter what happens, you will be protected and not be liable for any costs. All risk insurance is also an option, but regardless it is always best to check with your household insurance provider for specifics.

A: This obviously depends on distance and several other factors, especially for interstate moves. We make sure our prices are affordable, but your best bet is to get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Contact us


If you’d like to know more about our interstate removals services in Coffs Harbour, call us on (02) 6654 3487 today.


We’re always happy to discuss our services with new customers, as well as answering all of your questions about moving day and how we plan to complete your move.


We have completed hundreds of removals over a wide range of distances, so you can trust our interstate removals team to look after your house move from start to finish.